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Terminater - Instrumental {Mp3 + Wave} lease

Terminater - Instrumental {Mp3 + Wave} lease

Includes 3 commercial uses | MP3 +WAV | 25,000 sales | 500,000 streams | Non-exclusive (lease). You can download all related files immediately after your purchase. We also email you a one-time link for you to download later. Visit Plans / Pricing for a discount (Buy 1 get 4 FREE) subscription Special. Want to buy this instrumental exclusive? make me an offer!


  • Why do i need a License

    A license is needed if you want to use the music for anything else than just listening for your pleasure. Typical uses are

    • freestyling over a beat
    • licensing music for use in TV or for a movie
    • remixing or use audio samples
  • What is Commercial Use

    "Commercial use" defines how many commercial settings the buyer can sell any resulting work. Typical cases of commercial use might be albums, mixtapes, iTunes sales, SoundClick sales, shows, and so on.
    If the seller, for example, leases 3 commercial uses, the buyer can use this to sell the audio on his/her album AND on Spotify & Apple. This maxes out the 3 uses and he/she can't sell this song on any other platforms or settings.
    "Unlimited commercial use" means the buyer can sell the resulting work in any way he/she wants as long as no other restriction such as max distribution or explicit sync licensing applies.

  • Sales Limit

    A sales limit states how many copies of the resulting work can be sold royalty-free.
    Say for example the sales limit is 25,000. That means the buyer can sell up to 25,000 CDs or digital downloads without paying any royalty to the seller (producer).
    If the buyer sells more units then the publishing split applies.

  • Paid Streams Limit

    What is a 'paid streams limit'?A paid streams limit states the number of paid streams of the resulting work that remain royalty-free. This limit applies to paid streams on services like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. Free streams like the ones on do NOT count towards this limit. If the buyer streams more paid units then the publishing split applies.

  • License Duration

    This determines how long the agreement is valid. The term's starting date is the date the license has been purchased. All lease is for 12 months unless customer is subscribed to a pricing plan option.

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